Innovative News Coverage, An NBS TV Mandate

Innovative News Coverage, An NBS TV Mandate

With 50K, I can pay for my monthly Netflix subscription, with 50K, I can happily buy 7 beers at Valhalla’s reggae night, with the same amount still, I can afford a good steak from a fancy restaurant around Kampala.

In Soroti district, the life of a girl is worth 50K, a human being is worth as little as that in that part of developing Uganda. Let that sink in!

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

The other day, I highlighted how NBS television is running the race of investigative journalism alone in Uganda, they’ve taken the onus to uncover chaotic and evil trades in the country. By putting together provocative pieces, they spark debate on the professional and ethical standards of the country as well as curate for accountability from responsible authorities.

What is intriguing for me is that it’s the young journalists who put their lives on line for the good of the country. The most recent story of Soroti, Life for Sale was unearthed by Canary Mugume, a young investigative and current affairs reporter who has been groomed by the same station.

I know we’ve not yet gotten to the level of forcing accountability and transparency for certain evils but if provocative stories like these are not told, we shall bleed dry as a country. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for that investigative Solomon Serwanjja is working on.

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