Igongo launches first Milk Exhibition

Igongo launches first Milk Exhibition

The long awaited Milk Exhibition was launched today at Igongo Cultural Centre, with a number of people from all walks of life embracing the event. Part of the key partners that were instrumental towards the event included the Netherlands Development Organization SNV, Dairy Development Authority, Lakeside Dairy, AGDI Dairy Farm, among others.

The Exhibition which seeks to showcase the evolution of Milk that societies have gone through from the importance, rituals, beliefs, objects used in handling of Milk, milk processing and consumption of milk products was cooperatively curated.

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The Igongo Cultural Institute, the Uganda Museum and The Ethnographic Museum of Zurich cooperated in research, conceptualization and implementation of the exhibition.

The Exhibition will from 30th September, 2017 run as an additional permanent inclusion in the Igongo Museum.

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