iDROID embarks on activations in celebration of Eid Day

iDROID USA has launched immense phone activations at Oasis Mall. These activations were officially launched by one of IDROID’s celebrity ambassadors Nutty Nethan Yesterday September 24th.

IDROID tent at Oasis Mall doing Eid promotions

IDROID tent at Oasis Mall doing Eid promotions

They will be going on for 3 days and more. [adrotate banner=”3″] Spearheaded by IDROID’s celebrity Ambassadors Rema, Mun G, Nutty Nethan and Carol flower, the activations have been organized to aid iDROID fans and phone lovers buy the sophisticated iDROID phones through their celebrity musicians. There will be gifts to be won as well as an opportunity to take selfies with the celebrated ambassadors.

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