ICT Minister meets podcasters in Uganda to commemorate International Podcast Day

For the first time in Uganda over 40 podcasters gathered at Alliance Francaise Kampala’s Akatuuti (platform) to share experiences about their podcasting art form and to bring more awareness to this form of communication aside from TV, Radio, and the newspapers.

The podcasters hid advice from prominent names of podcasters abroad like George Mpanga (aka George the poet), The Africa Podcast festival (Nairobi), Freddie Boswell (Raydh), and Kotlego C (South Africa).

Hon Chris Baryomunsi spent the evening with these podcasters and congratulated them upon their effort in creating this kind of content and further noted that there has been a paradigm shift in the mode of communications where there has been a transition from the traditional ways of communicating to the modern ways that are predominantly digital that have advanced communications better because of Technology.

Podcasting (audio on demand) is syndicated through the web are the convenient option people are gradually choosing to consume their content globally while they cook, commute, do chores, garden, shower, relax and Uganda isn’t immune to this global trend. Out with the music/ radio – in with the podcasts.

Even the credible news outlets (radio stations) have morphed into podcasting BBC News, NPR, the Economist, the guardian, the Daily Show, and notably Vision Group name it is hosted on all podcast hosting platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Sticher, etc.

Ibrahim Bbosa, the Spokesperson of Uganda Communications’ Commission was also impressed at the number of podcasters in attendance and mentioned that “not only is  UCC a regulator, but the implementing body of the ministry of ICT also identifies talent like you the content creators, visual artists and more to facilitate and promote them for sustainable growth and development of Uganda’s communications sector”Since audiences are mired in a lot of clutter on all the available channels of communication, brands and organizations need to find their audience where they are, and believe it or not they are several who would prefer consuming audio content. I believe to achieve great results, a marketing mix through all platforms is great for visibility but if you had to zero down, podcasts are the best channel for audio lovers like Gen X’s and Gen Z’s that are looking for targeted content.”

Aggie Patricia Turwomwe, President Podcast Association of Uganda (PAU) “Podcasting is a new area in Uganda, yet podcasts have been around globally. This audio on demand is one of those digital platforms through which we can all communicate therefore I commended you for organizing yourselves to tap into the infinite possibilities. Let’s walk together to grow the industry, and if the policies aren’t favorable for you, tell us so that we tailor the one’s that fit your needs to create an enabling environment for podcasting to become stronger in Uganda” – Hon Chris.

He was happy to meet the young creatives, pledged Government’s support, and also invited the Association leadership for a formal meeting to grow this platform to strengthen podcasting so as to get more Ugandans to podcast vital information well as increase the number of listenership as a way of reaching new audiences.

“The need for electronic and online communications has become more important and necessary especially this era of COVID 19, the government announced several measures with restrictions, and now it has fast realized that it can reach more Ugandans through other channels of communications like students of schools through which learners can access information even when they aren’t in physical classrooms and even for us because learning never ends therefore, we need to popularize podcasts because many people in Uganda aren’t aware that you can meaningful communication through this medium” Hon. Chris confessed that he is a regular and proud listener of podcasts himself and tends to find helpful information on his mobile phones.

The technical bits certainly might be more apparent among others the cost of production, fast and speedy internet, cheap data bundles and equipment, social media platforms restrictions like the closure of Facebook early this year, free VPN services that keep collecting data in the quest to promote their content on social media platforms. Podcasts are here to help listeners take control of their time, enrich themselves with a lot of knowledge for personal and industry growth by listening whenever they need to.

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