‘I would love to see M7 live longer and longer’ – DC boss Lambert

Development Channel boss Charles N Lambert has said if he can, would love to see President Yoweri Museveni live longer and longer.

Lambert wants President M7 (R) to live longer and longer

The activist who is spearheading Africa Economic War aimed at empowering Africans financially made remarks while reacting to President Yoweri Museveni’s post about ‘Chairing the meeting on African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis’.

Charles Lambert admires President M7 and what he has achieved

The activist posed a question ‘How do we make sure he lives longer’

Lambert is an admirer of President Museveni and his deeds. He recently said the president is the best thing ever to happen to Africans and particularly Uganda.

“How do we make sure he lives longer????,” Lambert asked.

Lambert has always dedicated a prayer to the head of state in his fellowships and overnights with his stuff members.


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