‘I will always talk to those who have ears’- Frank Gashumba

I WON’T stop talking! Never!! Even if it’s one person who’ll take my message, I will be the happiest and satisfied at heart. No one will ever respect a poor person and to you women it’s even worse! No poor person will ever go to heaven….Every poor habit rotates on a poor person.

Does the Bible allow cheating? To you ladies, aren’t there moments you sleep with a man because of money?

Does the Bible or a Koran sanction that?

Men don’t respect poor women; not at all. Women who aren’t ambitious, Women who aren’t hardworking and women without visions. We as men also love to have a woman who supports what we do and a woman who can push her dreams even if her boyfriend or husband passes on. No serious man can ever dare marry a woman who is everywhere and nowhere! If you are above 20 and you think you are still a kindergarten kid to be looked after, you are living in the 19th century not the 21st!

Frank Gashumba

Every successful person we have read about started small/young. Look at that picture!! A 25 year old lady is flying Boeings from London to New York from New York to Dubai etc! And you her age mate you are from club to club, from wink to Club play from Club Play to Casablanca from Casablanca to Deuces then to Nyondo Pub, name it. Surprisingly, millionaires who own properties where those bars are rented are in their homes watching documentaries on TV or in their libraries reading!

Drinking fake alcohol and sleeping around with men. When you wake up with a terrible hangover sorry ekitambo, you go to your 20 useless WhatsApp groups  and load 1k for data and you start what you do best by sharing fake, false, negative stories nude pictures and gossiping about millionaires who are broke ie Wavamuno lost his WBS TV, how Sudhir is terribly broke etc!! The billionaire you are talking about is a third landlord in Uganda!!! Sijui his house is on sale etc, I bet none of your relatives can even buy any of his watches!! Even if he opens up his mansion in Kololo and auctions his belongings, none of you can even buy a fork from his palace! After sharing negative/fake news on social media, you switch to your 14inch TV to watch Telemundo. As your age mates out there are signing big contracts and deals!

On Sunday, you visit these shrines sorry churches for super miracles which don’t exist and on Monday you post on your time line mbu Government etuyambe. Your age mates in Europe, Asia and the US are excelling and dominating the world. Let no Pastor manipulate your mind while they themselves drown in wealth like the kings of Saudi Arabia while you people are living in abject poverty!

Money will only come your way if you worked this week or last week; there is no shortcuts. When you are invited to an event or party, you lineup for food for 2 hours!!

When you are out there partying, what exactly are you celebrating? Poverty, joblessness or a fat account! The sooner you realize that you are not growing any younger, the better for you to start changing your life for the better! Becoming rich and living a good life doesn’t come easy, it’s worked for!

Sisimuka Uganda Teri Kulinda Kulala.

Changing Mindsets, Creating Self Belief,

Transforming Lives and Communities.

Thinking independently.


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