I wasn’t sexually harassed – Sasha Ferguson

WBS Television presenter and Makerere University student, Sasha Ferguson, has denied reports circulating on social media that she was sexually harassed at some hall at Makerere University.

Sasha said she wasn't at the campus throughout the strike

Sasha said she wasn’t at the campus throughout the strike

It was reported that Sasha was sexually harassed at Makerere University by a drunken student who entered some hall and spoke out loudly how he wants to lay Sasha forcing her to run away and drive off. Sasha told www.showbizuganda.com that the story was made up by haters at campus who wanted to tarnish her image. [adrotate banner=”3″]

“There was a strike and i wasn’t there and how could I have been sexually harassed. It’s all false. Whoever is spreading rumours that the stalker sexually harassed me, it is not true…haha, crazily funny…I don’t seek for cheap popularity, it could have been an imaginary twin but as for me…I was busy with my other productive work as I waited on for my classes to resume,” she added.

Sasha said haters can't manage to tarnish her image

Sasha said haters can’t manage to tarnish her image

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