‘I was once broke but i have never been poor’ – Katsha

‘I was once broke but i have never been poor’ – Katsha

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Katsha De Bank aka Katumba Shafique has said he was once broke but he has never been poor.

The South African based Ugandan business man while posting on his social media said always worked hard and knew he would at one time succeed.

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Below is his full successful business empire;

The Real Secret to Success of The Katsche Technology Group

The business world is known for its motives of profit making but there are companies in the world of business which have challenged this narrative as they base their products in order to deliver the services for the sections of society. They work on business line with motive to promote good in society. This can also be said for the group of companies which was established by Katsha De’bank in the Africa. The Katsche Technology Group has not only revolutionized the IT sector in South Africa but also created huge impacts on Information Communication Technology for efficient  usage of resources across the region.

This IT company has not only merely reformulated the number of business ideas and principles which were prevalent in business sector for generations , it has altogether changed those traditions and business principles. Although, the Katsche Tech Group companies are publicly traded, but the Katsche Technology Group has evolved into one of the best and professionally managed group of companies in the African region.

The Katsche Technology Group which has been developed into a full fledged business model by the Katsha De’Bank is also actively playing its role in philanthropic activities and considerable amount from the profit of the firms have been used for betterment of the poor class of the society through number of sustainable initiatives. Among those initiatives, the education sector is close to the heart of the founder of Katsche Technology Group.

The companies under the Katsche Technology Group have actively been engaged to finance and initiate projects to improve the living standards of the people of Africa’s poor regions. So, the founder of Katsche Technology Group, Mr. Katsha De’bank became no only a catalyst for sweeping change in this part of the world, but, in the process, he introduced a new way of doing the business which have already been called as Kastsha way of doing business.

The founder of the Group during brief interaction with media persons states that every business caters for the interests of their shareholders but what make The Katsche Technology Group different from other is the love of this group towards every segment of society. This is our aim which makes us different from rest of the business community. He further termed it has his open secret of success in todays world.

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