‘I was inspired by Barrack Obama’ – Frank Gashumba

‘I was inspired by Barrack Obama’ – Frank Gashumba

Economic and civil rights activist who also doubles as motivational and inspirational speaker, Frank Gashumba has said he was inspired by the former US president Barrack Obama to start Sisimuka Uganda. Obama left office on Friday after serving 8 years as US’ 44th President and the first black man to rule the world’s Super Power. Here Frank Gashumba’s statement about Obama’s presidency;

Frank Gashumba was inspired by Obama

Barrack Obama has never been a President for Africa!

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The 44th American President Barrack Obama inspired us. Thank you God for the gift of the first African-American President Barrack Obama. In 2008, during both the Primaries and General elections I prayed and watched each and every event Obama participated in until he made history made history by winning election.

Very few Africans and blacks all over the world believed that a black man with a funny name would become a US President.

Barrack Obama was 44th US President

Those of us who still have hope in what we do believed in him and he was elected. During his time as the President of the US, the same folks who always believe in negativity were always saying that Obama will be assassinated and his Presidency ended last Friday without any assassination attempt in his 8 years tenure as President. Thank you God and the Secret Service.

  1. The begging mindsets; surprisingly mostly the elites thought Obama would open up a Federal reserve and give money to them and Africa in particular. Stupid, silly, beggars’ mentality! When will Africans stop thinking that a white man will change their lives!

The same elites now are asking what will Trump do for Africa.  I call it the ‘NGO’ mindset.

On planet earth, it’s only Africa as a continent that still believes that someone will transform our continent (white man). This will never happen!

Because I was inspired by him (Obama), that’s why we started Sisimuka Uganda.

Changing mindsets, creating self belief. Transforming lives.

You made history; you inspired us to believe in ourselves. You deleted the word fear in our lives. You will always remain a special person in our lives and to those of you who still doubt that you can’t make it. Barrack Obama is the answer. Wishing you all the best and your family!

Frank M.Gashumba.

Sisimuka Uganda

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