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‘I was a school dropout, had lost hope but now i employee more 200 people’- Katsha De’bank

Katsche Technology Group Managing Director Katsha De’bank has told a story of how one day he could not believe in himself and had lost hope.

He said he was one broke, deep in debts and that no one believed in him.

Posting on his social media pages, Katsha said success is an art.

While he didn’t go to Makerere University, most of his employees studied from there.

“I was broke. Deep in debt. and a college dropout, NOT EVEN a college Dropout, I was a high school Dropout. Trust me, no one believed in me. Not even my Self. But now I felt desperate to make something work. I only tasted SUCCESS after Launching my one-man Tech Company “Katsche Technology Group” Now it employs more than 200 people, I didn’t go to Makerere University, but most of my workers went to makerere University. Success is Just an ‘Art’,” Katsha De’bank said.

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