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I need a confident muscular very Rich businessman to bed, even if I am a 4th side chick- Singer Ainebintu reveals ahead of her new Video premiere

Ugandan songstress Laura Karungi, commonly known as Ainebintu, has a new song video premier soon. Our team  caught up with her to tell us about her upcoming music project and love life despite spending nights alone. She is single and searching. Read on

 First things first, what inspires you to take almost nude pictures?

Ainebintu: I’m inspired by the art of boudoir photography and the confidence it gives us. I am also inspired by women who have low body confidence so I want them to gain their confidence and love themselves naturally. Then I also want people to know that  women own their bodies and a body should be normalized.

Don’t men really hit on you a lot?
Ainebintu: No men do not disturb me a lot because I don’t let anything that they do disturb my peace and happiness.

You’ve one the best body figure in Uganda, is it natural or human made and designed?

Ainebintu: My body is God designed and I thank my parents for feeding me with milk.

Do you front your body figure, cuteness and sexiness to get what you want in life?

Ainebintu: No I do not I use my brains to get what I want and I work hard too.I do it to feel good about myself and let other women feel good too.If I can get bad comments from it and survive and still be happy other women can too.

Well, You are clearly fresh and young, when did you join then music industry?

Ainebintu: I have always done music.I studied it in Gayaza high school and Kampala music school majoring in classical piano and chapel choir.Then joined church at Watoto under the youth band and finally decided to branch out into a solo career..who h started two years ago..it hasn’t been easy and I still have a long way to go. Thanks for the platform.

You are a singer and TV person, how do you mix the two?

Ainebintu: I am more than a singer.I am also a human rights advocate, a model etc.If one allocated their 24 hours well it’s easy to handle everything.Just needs patience and commitment.

What was your first breakthrough song?

Ainebintu: I do not have a breakthrough song yet but my music is up on all music platforms.Im still soliciting funds to afford good videos so I hope my fans can be patient.

Who inspired to turn into a singer?

Ainebintu: Was inspired by Beyonce Rihanna Jazmine Sullivan and Brenda ffassi as well as Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Is it true you tried to model?

Ainebintu: I am still modelling. I do boudoir photography which many people know as semi nude photos. To me it’s art not nudity.

How did it end?

Ainebintu: So it hasn’t yet ended .Still got a lot more in stock

Today the industry is growing at very terrible speed, how are your prepared for the competition?

Ainebintu: I am my own competition so I am in no rush. I just have to make sure I get better for myself day by day because everyone has their own journey.

So I think I should take it step by step day by day and i will get to where I’m getting.

There’s enough space for me at the top.

By the way what is your motive in this industry?

Ainebintu: My motive is to make people happy with my music and give them something to feel To help people take some time off of reality and problems when they listen to me.I also wanna be able to feed my family and myself .To be comfortable in life

Also, many well established singers are quitting music, why are you joining?

Ainebintu: I want to try as well,they had a chance to try. I think I should have one too. And I believe I am on the right path.

Putting your lenses together, predict the future of Ugandan music in the next 10 years.

Ainebintu: The future of Ugandan music is going to change because we have great new artists like Bantu vibes and Ahlam Lamu’s (shout out baby girl keep going) trendsetters that are dropping great music with a different sound. You can check them out on the different musical platforms. So we might actually break into the international scene, at least Africa by then.

We shall also be able to get paid for the different small things we do

Like interviews radio plays exposure performances and online presence

I think the industry will also start making money for even the upcoming artists.

Young and upcoming singers have been accused of giving us bubble gum music, how different is yours?

Ainebintu: My music is not bubble gum, it’s good music that is improving with each studio session I have. I am working on an E.P and I’m putting in enough time (so far two years) to make sure everything is perfect, giving a variety.

And sometimes bubble gum music isn’t so bad. I see many of you jamming to Sheeba and  Suspect Leizor and the music still has a way of moving people. So I’ll give a variety from hip-hop dancehall bubble gum RnB reggae etc.

Any male Ugandan singers, who would you wish to work with?

Ainebintu: I would love to work with A-PASS who has already been supportive of me in some ways.

What is your latest new project?

Ainebintu: I have a video dropping for a new E.P I’m working on.

Away from music, are you married? If not, which Ugandan celeb would you wish to marry or bed?

Ainebintu: I am not married but I’m searching. I need someone with confidence In his masculinity, kind, forgiving, tolerant and understanding haha rich too.I’d love to marry a business man not an artist or celebrity unless he is a well known business man. Even if I am the fourth wife it’s okay.

How have you handled Covid 19 lock down?

Ainebintu: COVID-19 has been good to me. It gave me time to write and try to improve on my craft, learn different skills like cooking for people in large numbers and spend time with my family. I learnt a lot about them that I probably would have never known if it wasn’t for quarantine because of our busy schedules.

Tell your fans your message for the next five years.

Ainebintu: Thank you so much my fans for supporting me. Those that have defended me when naySayers come to fight. I am really grateful. Looking out for business partners and investors that believe in me to come forward and let’s take this journey together (I have a fully fledged business plan waiting). Thank you so much and I Love you very much. wish i could hug all of you.

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