I may fall but will keep trying – Kleith Kyatuhaire

Television star Kleith Kyatuhaire has said that despite falling, she will keep trying to get up. The former Styles Project presenter on NTV Uganda after her nude photo scandal revealed this on her Facebook wall today morning.

I will fall many times but I will still get up because of the support from my friends, fans and family.Here is what she wrote;

Kleith Kyatuhaire

Kleith Kyatuhaire

“When a baby is trying to walk, they fall down so many times but they still get up and walk because of the cheer the mother gives it, the mother is overjoyed not because the baby walked but because he believed he could walk again, the mother knows the baby can do it, the experience of walking too I guess is exciting to the baby. I am your Child, and because of the cheer you give me each time I fall and rise gives me confidence to walk again and again. I believe in you Lord. I may fall, but I will keep trying. Keep the faith and persist,” Kleith said.

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