‘I found Leila cheating on me with a Congolese’ – SK Mbuga

City tycoon SK Mbuga has revealed that he did not intentionally harm Leila Kayondo at Munyonyo as he tried to get his belongings from her.

He said when he was told she had some Congolese man on a lunch date and the singer was cheating on him with the guy, he went there to pick his belongings from her.

The Congolese guy that Leila is cheating Mbuga on with

The Congolese guy that Leila is cheating Mbuga on with

During the process, she tried to resist and in the process they pushed each other, she hit her face on car bonnet damaging her face and Mbuga got bruises on his fingers.

After SK Mbuga was introduced by Angella Birungi Vivienne, Leila was left heartbroken. She called Mbuga and asked for forgiveness which he did and they got back together. In fact he bought for her the Mercedes Benz and start building for her a house but shocked to learn that she has not stopped cheating on him.

“In fact I had just sponsored for a fully paid trip to Dubai where she relaxed for like a week and then gave her Shs 10m for her birthday which on 1st January. I have given Leila whatever she wants but I don’t why she has kept cheating on me,” SK Mbuga said.

Leila Kayondo

Leila Kayondo

According to Mbuga, Leila called him asking for money to celebrate her birthday. To that effect, SK Mbuga gave her Sh10m for the birthday party. In the afternoon, one Sudanese friend of SK Mbuga alerted him that she had seen Leila with a certain notorious Congolese guerilla war lord called John Kabango at Speke Resort having lunch.

Last month Mbuga bought a brand new red Mercedes Benz and donated it to Leila Kayondo on addition to the BMW convertible he had earlier donated to her. This was after the news of SK Mbuga visiting Vivian’s parents hit Leila hard into stress. Although Mbuga visited Vivian Birungi’s parents, he forgave Leila after she pleaded for forgiveness and maintained her as his second wife just like a Muslim man would be.

When he got the news that Leila was on the lunch date with a Congolese soldier, he hurriedly drove to Speke resort where he met Leila, the soldier and Hellen Lukoma seated. They were shocked to see him and the soldier began apologising to him meaning he knew he was cheating on someone’s wife. They talked man to man then Mbuga asked Leila for the Mercedes car key.(this is what he thought would hurt her) Leila stood up and walked with SK Mbuga to the parking lot, here they began exchanging words as Leila resisted giving out the key.

In the process of fighting for the key, Leila began beating and scratching Mbuga. In return Mbuga gave her one punch which sent her landing on the car bonnet hurting her face in the process. Meanwhile Lukoma was standing there throwing obscene insults at Mbuga. Mbuga says Lukoma was wearing a long T-shirt but as usual had no undies inside. She was barely naked. The two behaved like hookers at the scene. He had to let go to avoid further embarrassment. He took the key and left the car at Speke resort.

The next thing he saw was Leila ranting all over social media that he has been beaten. Mbuga maintains that Leila was still his second wife and whatever she did with that Congolese man was tantamount to infidelity. Mbuga said he provides everything to Leila because they got back together. He accused Helllen Lukoma of misleading Leila Kayonodo.

The Benz SK Mbuga bought for Leila Kayondo, its only Leila and Bitature's daughter that own such a car in Uganda

The Benz SK Mbuga bought for Leila Kayondo, its only Leila and Bitature’s daughter that own such a car in Uganda

Meanwhile the singer as expected forgave SK Mbuga and withdrew the Police case. Here what she wrote on her wall today;

“To all my friends and family thank you so much for the love and support you showed me in a hard moment. I forgave Sk Mbuga and we went to Kabalagala police station to dissolve the issue and dismiss the case but unfortunately he was detained. Yes! Justice was served but I ought for forgiveness and I take this opportunity to thank I G P Mr. Kale Kayihura for taking my matter as a serious issue and letting justice take its course. God calls us to forgive and I did that,” Leila posted.

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