‘I doubt if some Ugandan lawyers went to law schools’ – Frank Gashumba

Motivational speaker brands some Ugandan lawyers alcohol lovers

Civil and economic activist Frank Gashumba doubts whether some of Ugandan lawyers went to law schools. Reacting to Supreme Court ruling yesterday, Frank Gashumba who is also a motivational speaker said he wasn’t not surprised by the outcome and blames lawyers for presenting weak evidence. Posting on his social media, Gashumba said its only in Uganda where you find a lawyer who has to submit in the Supreme Court the following day but spends the whole night in a night club. Below is his full statement;

Frank Gashumba
Frank Gashumba

“To you Ugandans who expected a miracle from the Supreme Court, this should neither be a shock nor a surprise. I am not a Lawyer, but i believe some of you guys don’t know how the courts of law work.

Judges don’t act on hearsay, Judges don’t act on rumours, Judges don’t act on social media gossip. Judges act on concrete evidence. Judges don’t look for evidence, its lawyers who must present evidence. As a person who has been before different courts, i know what i am talking about.

First of all the Supreme Court would not nullify the 2016 elections on the evidence presented by JPAM in Court. It was too weak.

I have had an opportunity of interacting with many lawyers in Uganda but when you interact with some of them deeply, you really ask if they went to Law school. It’s in Uganda where you find a Lawyer who has to make a submission before the Supreme Court justices, the following day, spends the whole night in a Night Club. Basically there are few lawyers in Uganda who read and research.

I remember dismissing a lawyer before a court judge, for mis arguing my case facts. This happens so much many of u loose cases not because they are bad but because of your lawyers.

Forget about the evidence, I don’t think Amama Mbabazi was represented by the best brains in town and i don’t think the time given to JPAM was enough to bring more evidence from the whole country. Lawyers aside, one may steal your goat, n you may not have thorough evidence to prove that the goat was stolen. Failing to prove the JPAM case, doesn’t legitimise the 2016 elections

It will be listed in the Guinness book of records for most Rigged/ fraudulent election reported in African history under the controversial/ incompetent EC.

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