I Do Things My Way-Navio

I Do Things My Way-Navio

If there is an artiste who has been persistent with one style of music. It is Navio. The Bad Boy from Rubaga has been doing Hip Hop for twenty years despite the style being ‘Unpopular’ to many.

However, this persistence is inherited. He says his mother was known as the stubborn one in the village which also rubbed off to his father.

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“In the village, my mother was called the ‘stubborn one’ and my father had a good dose of it so even though we are chilled and well respected, that stubbornness keeps us pushing, it’s inherited,” Navio said in a recent interview.

The ‘Ngalo’ artiste also added that he always sees a way through everything and welcomes challenges. “I don’t mind a little pain, I don’t mind the discomfort because I have people looking at me and asking themselves what I am doing believing that I have to be in an office and I have people telling me I have to rap in Luganda to be relevant while I have others who are appreciating and pushing me to rap in English.”

With all those questions and suggestions, he might have quit the industry but he decided to try it out his way and do things his way.

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