‘I can’t be arrested over army uniform’ – Frank Gashumba

Civil and Economic activist, entrepreneur and Motivational speaker, Frank Gashumba has quashed reports that he faces arrest over army uniform. The outspoken activist told this website that the reports on several media outlets are false and baseless. Below is his statement about the issue;


“Gashumba faces jail over army uniform. VERY FALSE.
Some Uganda’s bloggers honestly make me laugh. That’s why they put up a post and it gets 2 likes and Gashumba puts up a post and it gets 4000 likes and 1000 shares. I am very proud of all men and women in uniform. Starting with our brothers and sisters in UPDF. They are doing a recommendable job by defending our borders. Actually I have many friends who are serving in UPDF and again I have my two brothers serving in the Army. One is serving in the British Army and another is serving in the United Nations forces in Sudan.

My photo that has gone viral is not a military outfit, it is just some fatigue.

NB: A UPDF uniform must have an Insignia, so my photo doesn’t belong to the Army. It had Sisimuka Uganda on it.

When you brand yourself very well, the competition becomes less, when I meet people on the streets, they call me Sisimuka Uganda most of the times.

Lastly, that fatigue shows that I have a lot of respect and love for the men and women in Uniform, actually for you villagers who have never traveled, in the developed world, there are shops were such cloths are sold. It’s a sign of the love that people have for their forces.

For those who debated it, the moment you debate Gashumba, that means he is a brand.

I am not a “Pastor”, a Politician or a music artist but I have over 180,000 organic followers on the social media. They simply follow me because I post information that inspires many.
Soon I will be allowing individuals and companies to advertise on my Facebook page”, Gashumba posted.

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