‘I and Andre Ringen are still happily married’ – Grace Nakimera

Sexy local singer Grace Nakimera has said he is still happily married to her photographer husband Andre Ringen. This comes after continued media reports by Tabloids linking the ‘Twala Byange’ singer to King Oyo. She has threatened to drag the incredibly hilarious local tabloids over what she cites as gross defamation and lies levied at spoiling her brand and name.


Nakimera told this website that the closest time she has been with the king is when she performed for the Batooro subjects about three years ago.

“This continued publication about me and King Oyo is false and is aimed at tarnishing my name. How can they allege that I and the Omukama started being close six months ago? Really this is madness at its best. I last performed at where King Oyo about three years ago and I have never been in touch with him. How many times will you be pushed and you don’t push back? With all due respect these rumours are not true.
My silence has been taken for granted. .. .. Not anymore. I respect King Oyo and whoever is behind this project is bound to hit a dead end because all this is hog wash,” Grace said.


About her hubby Andre Ringen with whom they have a family, Grace said the two are happily still together and stay in the same house on Namugongo Road and are now concentrating on their Real Estate and farming projects in Mukono.

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