I Am Not On Suspension – Frank Tumwebaze

I Am Not On Suspension – Frank Tumwebaze

The Minister for the Presidency and Kampala Capital City Authority who is also the MP for Kibale County in Kamwenge District, Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze has denied rumours on social media that he is on suspension. He said all the rumours being peddled on various social media that he is on suspension are rubbish.Frank Tumwebaza has said those spoling his name will not succeed and that logic will prevailFrank Tumwebaza has said that those spoiling his name will not succeed and that logic will prevail

Below is the official statement from the Minister himself.

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Frank K Tumwebaze
Friends, greetings and happy New Year. Just to alert you to ignore and treat with contempt the rumour being peddled and doing rounds on various social media pages and whatsapp that am on suspension. Its all rubbish. It’s not surprising though. I know the group and their political master behind all this. After he schemed unsuccessfully to achieve his political maneuvers, he now sees Frank Tumwebaze and some others as his biggest obstacle. My assurances to him and his agents however is that; no amount of their cheap blackmail and mudslinging will silence me into submission. Am happy they feel me as a pain in their crumbling political infrastructure. I am not about to desert the NRM struggle. Unless they succeed in eliminating my life, a venture they have also been investing in, no amount of their cheap propaganda will kill my spirit and political activism ability in defence of the NRM revolutionary principles. Their cheap falsehoods against me are easy to discern and dismantle. But the short of it is that, they are desperate and believe that by targeting to tarnish the image of people perceived to be NRM and m7 strong activists, they will succeed in intimidating them into submission and therefore into silence. I pity them.
See the rubbish they have authored and promoted on various social media platforms and whatsapp groups;
“Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for presidency is under investigation after security agencies discovered 10 billion shillings on his fixed deposit account in crane bank, Tumwebaze failed to explain the source of the money in a meeting chaired by President Museveni at Rwakitura on the 31st of December,2014.The President has assigned Security minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa the portfolio for Presidency and Kampala until the investigations are complete”

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