I am keeping my virginity to my future lucky one – Shalom Kalule

Kalule Shalom is a young radio and television presenter at Kampala Road based Sanyu FM.  Her radio show happens every weekday from 10:00am to 2:00 pm and she says those are the most insane hours of her day because her co-host Pesh and her are opposites and in a funny way compliment each other. The show covers current events, showbiz, love issues, lifestyle and requests. The 18-year old is working on a new project (new Tv show) that is based on fashion and the people that inspire fashion in Uganda and how they made it? Showbiz Uganda tracked her down for an exclusive interview about her life. Read on….

SU: Who is Shalom Kalule ?

Kalule Shalom: Well shalom Kalule is ‘an energy’ sounds weird I know but I see myself a change or at least the start of a change and dream.  But in simple terms shalom is a half Ugandan half Kenyan eighteen year old who loves music, art, sports mainly swimming. I attended Aga Khan from my early education till completing high school and I am set to join university next year. She was born to Mr Samuel Kalule and Mrs Elizabeth Kalule in Kampala.

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Shalom wants to leave a legacy behind

SU: How did you get into television and radio?

Kalule Shalom: Well TV and radio was something I kind of stumbled into. I was working on a fashion project when I first met my former co-host Humphrey Wampula and he got me invoked in writing for swag magazine then later into the youth show teen city at Urban Tv. Radio had always been a big challenge because unlike TV where looks might save you with radio it’s all in the voice so when the chance came I jumped on board and I love it.

SU: How do you find it?

Kalule Shalom: Radio is a challenge as I said earlier; it teaches you how to be an all round communicator and the true power of the voice. And TV for me is more chilled and fun. I get on set and try to have fun with it, create an atmosphere where I decide what is the best version of the show am hosting.

SU: What do you have to say about TV and radio industry in Uganda?

Kalule Shalom: Well the industry is virgin so a lot of the ideas pushed across come in as new. I also believe that it is growing and has a lot more room for improvement.

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Kalule Shalom: In the next five years I would like to be a brand of my own. When someone hears Shalom Kalule, I want them to equate it to a powerhouse and a force to reckon with.

Shalom Kalule is one of the most promising radio and tv presenters

Shalom Kalule is one of the most promising radio and tv presenters

SU: Who inspires you?

Kalule Shalom: I am inspired by a lot of thing not just individuals but also by situations and lessons learnt in history. But if there is that one person I put on a pedestal, it would be Kanye West, he has managed to create waves and command attention and respect.

SU: Sex is very important. Tell us about your sex life. Are you into dating and who is the lucky guy?

Kalule Shalom: Hahahah sex is important but it’s so important I will keep it for that lucky one my future Mr. And am I dating! Well at the moment no, I am yet to find someone special.

SU: And what should your dream man have?

Kalule Shalom: My dream man! My dream man should have an X factor something different. Have a vision that I can help him build and I want someone to build an empire with. [adrotate banner=”3″]

SU: What was your childhood dream?

Kalule Shalom: My childish dream was to make an impact in the world and live a legacy. And that is what I am building towards.

SU: What’s your best dish?

Kalule Shalom: My favorite food is sea food I like the exotic taste in your mouth and the fusion of different flavors

SU: How do you spend your free time?

Kalule Shalom: In my free time, I read a lot online and also I sketch, I love to sketch. I keep a small circle and hang out with people I hold dear to me.

SU: Tell us five things you can’t live without?

Kalule Shalom: My family, My friends, My phone, My sketch pad and My black lipstick.

Shalom is one of the best young presenters

Shalom is one of the best young presenters

SU: What’s your favourite sporting activity and team?

Kalule Shalom: I used to swim competitively and I had the biggest crush on Ryan Locti but I think that rugby player is hot and I am all for the All Blacks.

SU: How did you lose your virginity and at what age?

Kalule Shalom: Hahahha I believe in A for Abstain.

SU: So you are still Virgin?

Kalule Shalom: If I say am abstaining I believe so.

Tell us about your parents?

Kalule Shalom: My parents are my coolest people alive and are both in the hotel industry

SU: What message do you have for young people aspiring to like you?

Kalule Shalom: For all the young people aspiring to join this industry I will tell the focus on your dream and let it grow if I can do it you can do it

SU: What message do you have for your listeners and viewers?

Kalule Shalom: And to all my listeners in there thank you for supporting me and believe in me and for all the haters thank you for helping me grow with out you I would still be just Shalom.

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