‘I Am Human’ movie set to premiere

‘I Am Human’ movie set to premiere

A new movie is set for premiere next month, we have learnt. The movie titled ‘I Am Human’ features hot actresses like Pretty Katende, Esther Komweru both formerly of Deception, actor Edris Lubega and many others. It will premiere on 16th December 2016 at Imperial Royale Hotel.

“Our dears, i am here to remind you about 16th December join us at Imperial Royale Hotel as we premiere our new movie #Iam human which has actresses like me, Esther Komweru, Edris Lubega and many others,” Pretty Katende said.

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The premiere is a red carpet experience and to attend you have to part with 20k ordinary, 50k VIP and 500k for a table. Doors open at 5pm.

The movie action is about Domestic Violence, Peer Groups for girls, children violence and love to mention but a few

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