Huawei Launches Four Intelligent OptiX Innovative Practices of F5.5G, Accelerating 10Gbps Take-off

Huawei Launches Four Intelligent OptiX Innovative Practices of F5.5G, Accelerating 10Gbps Take-off

Shanghai, China; At the Huawei Product & Solution Innovation and Practice launch event held during 2023 MWC in Shanghai, Huawei took the opportunity to launch four Intelligent OptiX innovative practices of F5.5G, in scenarios of smart home, small and micro enterprises, smart manufacturing and metro network.

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, stated that 1Gbps has been everywhere, and 10Gbps is taking off. In the past year, Huawei’s F5.5G innovations, such as FTTR F30/B30, 50G PON, Alps-WDM, and 400G/800G, have been widely adopted in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. It deeply changed people’s life and work. We hope more carriers and partners to join the F5.5G innovation and practice and work together to embrace “10Gbps Everywhere”.

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In terms of smart homes, over 4.6 million household users are using Huawei FTTR to create 1Gbps home Wi-Fi connection. In Brazil, Oi and Huawei took the initiative to put FTTR into commercial use in Latin America. They leveraged the ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-wide coverage, ultra-high concurrency, and 5A-level services to build smart homes featuring whole-house ultra-gigabit and whole-house intelligence for users, thereby improving efficiency, consumer satisfaction and ARPU for Oi.
In terms of small and micro enterprises, tens of thousands of enterprises have adopted Huawei FTTR solution.

Leveraging B30’s advantages such as ultra-gigabit Wi-Fi, 300 concurrent terminals, and app-based intelligent O&M, China Unicom Henan released the FTTR B30 fusion package applicable to various scenarios including offices, supermarkets, convenience stores and security protection. Over the past six months, China Unicom Henan has attracted nearly 10,000 enterprise users, and increased consumer satisfaction by 20%, enabling the digital transformation of small and micro enterprises.

In terms of smart manufacturing, China Telecom Research Institute worked with Huawei to complete the world’s first 50G PON–based industrial Internet pilot. Huawei’s 50G PON provides 10Gbps bandwidth for campuses, provides reliable and flexible access for industrial Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and achieves a 10-fold improvement in inspection efficiency, realizing positive benefits for smart manufacturing. At present, Huawei has been conducting the innovation verification for its 50G PON solution together with over 30 partners around the world.

Using Huawei’s Alps-WDM, China Unicom Chongqing has built metro networks with the optimal TCO. Huawei’s Alps-WDM increased the single-wavelength rate from 10G to 100G at the integrated access site, and created a bandwidth resource pool shared by multiple areas for on-demand usage. It also helped created an ultra-low latency circle with “1ms coverage of the main city, 2.5ms coverage of the entire city, and 3ms coverage of Chengdu- Chongqing dual cities”. Till now, Huawei’s Alps-WDM has dozens of commercial applications worldwide.
The 10Gbps era is just around the corner. Huawei calls on all parties in the industry to innovate and enrich F5.5G application scenarios together and apply F5.5G to all aspects of the digital economy. In doing so, we can embrace “10Gbps Everywhere”.

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