How to survive an Elephant attack

With recent attack by an elephant which led to death one person, we bring tips on how you can the bulk animal attack;
 Do not turn and run
The chances of serious injury and death are more if you turn your back to a charging elephant and run.
Unless there’s a building of some sort very close to you, believe it that the elephant will catch up with you before you can go far out in the open.
If there’s a vehicle near you and you can drive off very fast before the animal reaches you, then go for it. But this is very tricky! You must drive off before the elephant reaches you because it can very well flip the car over.
Also, running and jumping into water is a big NO, because they swim very well too and there may be other equally dangerous creatures in the water as well.
If your nerves fail you and you must run, don’t run in a straight line.
Running in a zig-zag pattern could confuse the elephant and make it difficult for the animal to keep up with you. That’s because they can’t change direction quickly due to their bulk.

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