How Johnny Depp’s net worth has halved after making millions from film career

How Johnny Depp’s net worth has halved after making millions from film career

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Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

The 57-year-old made his film debut in 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, and has since gone to star in films such as Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as the TV series 21 Jump Street.

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But it’s his role as the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow in the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that Depp is probably most associated with.

The success of Johnny Depp’s films – it’s estimated those he’s had a lead role in have earned more than $10billion (£7.9billion) at the worldwide box office – has helped him amass a large fortune over the years.

Johnny Depp

In 2010, Forbes listed Amber Heard‘s ex Johnny as Hollywood’s highest-earning actor, making $75m (£59.4m). The following year that was said to be $50m, while it listed his 2016 income as $48m (£38.1m).

It’s believed Depp has earned more than $650m from his acting career, picking up $20-30m upfront per film ever since 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, as well as 20% from the backend.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed in 2017 that he raked in more than $40m apiece from his share of the backend of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and made $55m (£43.6m) from 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.

Little wonder then that by May 2016 his fortune was estimated to stand at a huge $400m (£317m).

However two years later it was reported that his fortune had been slashed to $200m (£158.6m).

Legal troubles and lawsuits with former managers and attorneys, as well as extravagant spending, have eaten away at his fortune.

In 2017, he sued his former business managers at The Management Group (TMG), accusing them of taking $28m (£22.2m) in unauthorised contingent fees, not keeping proper records, failing to file or pay his taxes on time and loaning nearly $10m (£7.9m) of his money without permission.

TMG quickly launched a countersuit in response, claiming Depp caused his own financial woes and seeking $560,000 in unpaid fees and the repayment of a $5m (£3.9m) loan.

During the proceedings TMG claimed that Depp didn’t have enough cash to cover his $2m (£1.6m) monthly bills, despite earning more than $650m (£515m) in the 13 years up to 2017.

His lavish spending reportedly included a $3.6m (£2.8m) annual bill for his 40-person staff, $350,000 (£278,000) a month for maintaining his 156-ft yacht – the total purchase and renovation costs for that came to $18m (14.3m) – and $30,000 (£23,800) a month on wine.

It also emerged that in 2005 he funded the $5m (£3.9m) needed to shoot the ashes of his friend Hunter S. Thompson out of a cannon, in accordance with the late journalist’s wishes.

On top of that he’s also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sustaining ex-partner Vanessa Paradis and their two children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

TMG representatives said they met with Depp numerous times to encourage him to sell some of his more expensive items, including the $10m (£7.9m) yacht and his French chateau he’d renovated for $10m.

By 2018 the case was due to go to trial, however both sides settled a month before hearings commenced.

In 2015 he married actress Amber Heard, however the couple split the following year.

In the subsequent divorce settlement, Heard received $7m (£5.6m) as part of the settlement, which she donated to two charities; American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Heard wrote in a statement at the time that ACLU’s share of $3.5million (£2.8million) would be going specifically towards its efforts to combat violence against women.

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