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Hindu Asha Releases ‘Sazza Musango’ Track

One of the most promising female singers Hindu Asha is taking things serious in 2015 according to what is reaching our desk. The sexy singer has released a new track titled ‘Sazza Musango’ with its video.562037_456091134429111_149345442_nThe song which has already received massive airplays in FM and TV stations as well as entertainment places talks about loving some body, trusting them and choosing to be his wife and bearing him kids not being a crime. The guy mistreats the woman later beats her up often like she were inhuman.10712871_774572825914272_5676220337898671069_nHe stops buying home food and the family generally suffers with the kids too. He wanted a beautiful woman and he got her, he wanted her to bear her beautiful kids and she did however he finds that not enough and goes on to mistreat her. She can opt out of the marriage but chooses to stay because of her kids. The song was produced at Jahlive and video was done by Edge Films.  watch the song below


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