Hima Cement Boosts KCCA Festival with 43 Million Sponsorship of the Rally Segment

Hima Cement Boosts KCCA Festival with 43 Million Sponsorship of the Rally Segment

Hima Cement has joined the KCCA Festival as one of the sponsors of this year’s extravaganza with a 43 Million total sponsorship package. The Hima sponsorship will go towards organizing of a motor rally to be held in Naguru on Saturday 7th October 2017.

Hima’s sponsorship of the rally segment of the festival is in line with their already existing venture into Motor sport support. Hima has an existing partnership with the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda, recently sponsored the Pearl of Africa Rally and also sponsors rally Driver Ambrose Byona “Omunyeto”

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Speaking at the reveal of the sponsorship, Hima Cement Commercial Director Allan Ssemakula said that they are excited to come on board as sponsors for what is arguably Kampala’s most colorful and exciting event.

“Hima Cement is involved in a huge way in the developments and projects in and around Kampala city; current and past. When you look around you, our cement has contributed to build this great city we call home so it is very easy for us to want to associate with activities that continue to elevate the stature of the city and that is why we have come in to take part in this year’s carnival.” Said Ssemakula

HIMA Cement is one of five major sponsors of the rally that is expected to see over 40 cars taking part in the 2.5 km Rally Sprint at Naguru Satellite City to kick off at 10:00am.

The Rally will attract veteran drivers like Emmanuel Kato and Moses Lumala. Drivers in the current Championships expected to take part include – Chris Takisfitidis the current leader, Ronald Sebuguzi, Hassan Alwi, Hima Sponsored Ambrose Byona, Duncan Kikankane Mubiru, Omar Mayanja, Arthur Blick Junior, Kuku Ranjit, and Fred Wampamba.

Speaking for KCCA at the launch, Jennifer Musisi the Executive Director KCCA said that even though the KCCA Festival has been running for 6 years, this is only the second year that the Rally segment is being held. “We introduced the rally segment to add an exciting element for the thousands of rally fans in Kampala.”

Hima has a long history of supporting Motorsport related activities in Uganda in part as a way to drive road safety initiatives. This has been done through sponsorship of FMU Road Safety Campaigns that they carry out regularly with Ministry of Works and Traffic department of Uganda Police. “Our involvement in Motorsport is in line with our objective to promote road safety both internally among our drivers but also to the public. Motorsport in a big way plays a part in the behavior we see on the road. Our message therefore is Motorsport is meant to be enjoyed in a controlled environment but off the field, even these drivers maintain safe standard of Road Usage.” Affirmed Ssemakula

This year’s rally at the festival will have three classifications; the NRC Category, CRC Category and Sprint Championship 2017 and will have a much faster track than last year with an average speed of 85kmphr. The track will have Drift Zones, Power Stretches, Jumps and Water Splashes.

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