Here is the list of world’s worst pandemics of all time

Here is the list of world’s worst pandemics of all time

In the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic caused by Coronavirus, we bring you the World’s worst outbreaks that shocked the world.

Are you people scared that the world is coming to an end, do you feel like this is the worst disease outbreak?? No, it’s not close to even top 20 epidemics.

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Here is a list of 6 pandemics that have rocked the world;

1. ANTONINE PLAGUE; This occurred in 165AD and claimed 5 million lives. It swept over Asia, Egypt, Greece and Italy. Just in case you think it’s the first time Italy is leading.

2. PLAGUE OF JUSTINIAN; It occurred btn 541 to 542, just in 1 year 25 million people were dead. Each day, death toll counted 10,000.

3. THE FLU PANDEMIC Also known as THE SPANISH FLU; It was between 1918 to 1920, just 100 years ago. By that time, the world had 1.5billion people, 500million got the disease and that was 1/3 of the total population. In the first week alone, there was a record 25million deaths, worse than first world war itself.
Corona virus is mostly killing the elderly and those already weakened by other diseases but the Spanish flu respected no age group, it claimed 50million lives.

4. THE 3RD PLAGUE OF 1855; This one also started from China and killed 10 million Indians in less than one year. You wouldn’t want to hear the total number of global death. By now you want to ask me whether the world ended, the answer is it didn’t, lol.

5. THE BLACK DEATH; This was by far the worst. It occurred from 1346-1353, that was 7 years long pandemic. It was caused by bubonic plague transmitted by fleas.
By that time, the world’s population was 400million, then 200 million died. Half of the world’s population died. If the world was to end with a disease, it would end that time not with corona.
It is said that during that plague, the living spent most of their time hurrying the dead in mass graves and yet others were left unburied.

6. HIV AIDS; You didn’t expect this one, did you? Perhaps u forgot about it but the disease still rear it’s ugly head across the world. The peak record deaths was btn 2005-2012. In 7 years, 36 million people died but it didn’t terrify you because it was not on news like corona.

By today, corona death is not close to half a million, no. Whenever you feel frightened by corona, just know that it will never be recorded among world’s top 20 pandemics, it’s not close. The world is not ending with it, we shall live on. Well, people are dying but not even half will die. We shall remain.

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