Hajji Mbabaali Graduates At The Uganda Pentecostal University

Lwengo NRM district chairman and top Uganda businessman, Hajji Muyanja Mbabaali was among the 771 students who graduated at the Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) in Fort Portal over the weekend. The graduates got certificates, diplomas and degrees in different courses. The politician cum businessman Hajji Muyanja Mbabaali got a diploma in Information Technology.Hajji Mbabaali joined by his wife and other friends after his graduationHajji Mbabaali joined by his wife and other friends after his graduation

Mbabaali told Showbiz Uganda that he now has enough education requirements to contest for the parliamentary seat and nobody will challenge him after he got a diploma from the Uganda Pentecostal University, an institution recognised by National Council for Higher Education.
He joked saying that he has 26 degrees from his family and he does not need to continue with education.Mbabaali joined by family members and friends after his graduationMbabaali joined by family members and friends after his graduation

At the graduation ceremony, the Minister for Internal Affairs, Aronda Nyakairima urged the graduates not to despise jobs and that they should take advantage of the opportunities put in place by government. He also advised them to be innovative, creative and work hard so that they can realize their dreams.
He warned them against involving themselves in immoral acts. He advised them not to respond to harshness with harshness but respond with patience so that they can manage the challenges in society. Muyanja Mbabaali is set contest for the 2016 parliamentary seat for Bukoto South in Lwengo district.

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