Green Xmas Party preparations in high gears

Preparations for the biggest kids Christmas Party “The Green Xmas Party” are in advanced stages according to the organisers. The party is slated for the 18th of December 2016 at Kololo Airstrip. The party is expected to be the biggest ever with lots of games, Santa Claus, local singers, zoo and children will sing merry xmas to the nation. Entrance fee is 10k per kid and adults enter free of charge.


Joseph Masembe, the founder Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green who the organisers of the event said, “the greatest threat to the environment is the belief that someone else will save it. It all starts with us and now. Let’s passionately get involved and save our mother earth. This is what we are going to teach our children on 18th December at Green Xmas Fest,”.

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