Gorilla Heights Lodge opens its doors to business & it is a sister lodge to Park view Lodge

Gorilla Heights Lodge opens its doors to business & it is a sister lodge to Park view Lodge

A new posh safari lodge has opened its doors to the public for use in South Western Uganda.

This was revealed by tourism number one promoter Amos Wekesa who had this to say;

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“It’s a new Lodge in the southern part of Bwindi national Park owned by a Ugandan which is important.

It’s good to see Ugandans taking investments seriously and creating jobs….over 40 jobs at Gorilla heights Lodge

I can’t wait to see Ugandans start a chain that goes across Africa like some Mauritius people have done.

It all starts at home, you succeed at home, it’s easier to move on to other countries. Latitude 0 for example has a Kenyan investor

Yesterday I read a report about how chains are positioning themselves across the continent sent to me by Daniel Bwabale

In 2019, international chains are investing in 125 hotels in North Africa and 275 hotels in Sub Saharan Africa

They chains are investing 51 hotels in Egypt, 36 hotels in Morocco, 49 hotels in Nigeria, 19 in Algeria, 34 hotels in Ethiopia.

In Kenya 27 hotels, Cape Verde 11 hotels, Tunisia 16, Ghana 9 and South Africa 18 and those are the top 10 investment destinations for the chains on the continent

The top 10 international chains investing on the continent are:

Accor is working on 57 hotels with 13, 543 rooms, Raddisson 47 hotels with 8,774 rooms, Hilton 55 with 11, 209 rooms, Marriott 81 hotels with 16, 905, Media 8 with 2, 317, best western 18 with 1,613 rooms,

Onomo 8 hotels with 1,103 rooms, Hyatt 8 hotels with 1507, Wyndham 8 with 1,324 rooms and Mangalis 15 with 1,781

How are these countries managing to attract alot of chains? Their tourism boards are lobbying plus taking marketing seriously.

Just imagine Latitude 0 with 49 rooms is right now employing 179 Ugandans since it opened in Kampala,”.


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