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Go Green SDG Run proceeds to be used to plant more trees in Kampala

In Kampala City, Air quality is deteriorating at a high rate, causing serious threat to the health of the population across the city.

Children, older people and persons with heart and lung defects are amongst the most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution, as they are daily exposed to poor air quality as they commute to work and school.

Studies by Ugandan health scientists suggest that about 13.8 percent of children between the ages of 8 and 14 living in Kampala have bronchial asthma (Bitimwine, H. 2011). National estimates for air quality are non-existent and a fast unregulated urban population growth of 5.5% per annum only serves to exacerbate the current situation. Due to the silent and invisible nature and impact of air pollution, majority of the public are unaware of its adverse effects on their health as well as its causes. There is need to raise public awareness on air pollution as a silent killer and involve people in Kampala to enhance their efforts in curbing it. It’s in this spirit that Youth Go Green, KCCA, Office of the Prime Minister and UNDP have speared headed and organizing the third (3rd) SDG marathon/run to be held on Sunday, 27th October 2019 at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds starting at 7:00 am under the theme; “Running for Clear Air”. The objectives of the 2019 SDG Run; Enhance awareness on SDGs through a 17 kilometer road relay and to seek solutions towards achieving clean air mainly in Kampala city in order to check its effects on human life and the natural environment. Create more awareness about individual or organizational practices on Kampala’s climate change partially on Kampala’s Air quality.

Provide a platform for interactions between government and other stakeholders in this area so as to bring more organizations or individuals on board in the fight against Kampala’s deteriorating air quality. Launch SDG action Awards. This is meant to recognize individuals, civil society organizations, MDAs, foundations, networks, and private sector leaders who are advancing the global movement for the sustainable development goals in the most transformative, impactful and innovative ways. Raise funds for addressing climate change, environmental and sustainable development challenges affecting Kampala city. The proceeds collected will be used to; Support Kampala in her fight for a low carbon and sustainable path by planting more trees in the five divisions that make up Kampala city. Run awareness communications (T.V and radio shows, newspaper publications, bill board adverts, road sings and community Barraza’s as a way of informing, and educating the public about Air pollution Remove and recycle waste in Kampala city. Chief Guest (Runner) The Chief runner is expected to be His Excellency Gen. Yoweri K. Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda accompanied by other Government Officials such as the KCCA Executive Director, the UN Resident Coordinator and the business community in Kampala city. Participants to the Run The SDG Run is intended to attract people of all age brackets including children, youth, adult, indigenous groups and cultural leaders, in accordance with SDG main principle: “Leave no one behind”.

Specifically the participants will include but not limited to, Members of Parliament of Uganda, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), UN Agencies, youth organizations, Development Partners, Education and research institutions, District Local Councils, Faith Based Organizations, Private sector, Business communities and the Media not leaving out people with disabilities if they are in position to participate. The Run will be at a fee of UGX 10,000 Adults and 5,000 children.

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