Global delivery App Glovo, making progress in the Ugandan market

Global delivery App Glovo, making progress in the Ugandan market

Glovo, a technology company that allows customers to order anything that can fit on the back of a motorbike, launched in Uganda in October 2020.

Since its entry into Uganda, Glovo has partnered with top brands and franchises like Carrefour for groceries, top food restaurants such as KFC, Mr. Tasty Fried Chicken, and most recently The Food Hub and Meza Shawarma.

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The company is making strong progress and expects to expand its reach into other major towns in Uganda following increased customer demand for its services. Stephen Ruhohi, Uganda’s Marketing Manager, says high mobile internet penetration rate informed the entry in the country, and the need to offer a more competitive service with faster delivery times. “We are aware of the traffic congestion and with so much time spent in traffic, our deliveries offer a way to save time. Order a Glovo and it easily arrives before you.’’

Glovo intends to extend its market share and penetration in the on-demand delivery landscape while positioning the firm as a trusted service provider in the country, by expanding into other towns and partnering with more local businesses and niche outlets to increase its portfolio. The company prides itself on being able to provide customers with more value for money by having regular promotions with popular stores and competitive delivery fees starting from only 1,500 Uganda shillings for Food and 1,800 for Groceries.

At the beginning of April 2021, Glovo received funding worth $530M, the investment will expand its footprint in the 20 markets in which it currently operates. The focus of the funding for Glovo will center on its Q-Commerce division and deepening its unique multi-category offerings in all the markets in which it operates.

Glovo has been very deliberate in stepping up and creating an infrastructure that will improve customer needs and guarantee customer satisfaction, ensuring that average delivery times on the platform continue to drop well below 45 minutes.

In Spain, they are currently delivering groceries in 10 minutes and are working towards that in Africa where they currently operate in Kenya, Morocco, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire with plans to expand to Nigeria and Tunisia later in the year.

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