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Global Cultural Event to contribute tremendously to the development wealth of Uganda

The Global Cultural Event is set to be a major milestone on the growth and development of cultural tourism. Mary Ingabire Global Events believes the inaugural event on August 13 will create a cultural image in Kampala. The hosting of events are often developed because of the tourism and economic opportunities addition to social and cultural benefits.

The Global Cultural Event has the capacity to attract the visitors and establish image with the various visiting music and dance troupes. The tourism of this festival is as a result of the consuming related services such as; shopping, restaurants, accommodation, and transport. Stakeholders of the services above are beneficiaries of tourism.

Mary Ingabire hopes that the event will raise Kampala and her residents social, cultural, economic and physical status. The Global Cultural Event is an opportunity for the celebration of cultural identity and empowerment through the promotion of urban tourism.

Mary Ingabire will host the event

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