Global Cultural Event lights up Uganda Museum

Global Cultural Event lights up Uganda Museum

It was culture celebrations as the first-ever Global Cultural Event lit up Uganda Museum on Sunday, with enthusiasts of tradition in attendance.

The event, whose major aim is to connect, promote cultures and tourism attracted impressive crowd and being the first event, there was some positivity.

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By Sunday evening, the Museum field was occupied by hundreds of revelers who were enjoying entertainment from various dance troupes and singers.

Designed with traditional colors and wears, Revelers grabbed the best of the bites they could, ranging from roasted meat, mwenge bigere, local brew, local foods and several others.

Entertainers who included Big Eye, Naira Ali and Geosteady put up amazing music showcases to back entertainment by cultural troupes.

The award winning promoter and manager, Mary Ingabire who was the host of the event plans to make it an annual event and her start is promising.

The event was mainly sponsored by soft drink makers Coca Cola and was praised for coming to support the cultural event. Coca Cola products floored the place and revellers punched on them as they enjoyed the event.

BBS Telefaniya was also the sponsor of the event and provided the needed television coverage.

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