Ghanaian movie director to use A Piece of Cake book in new film

A piece of good News has hit the ears of Patricia Ssewunngu, the author of A Piece of Cake book which was launched in August this year at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Latest info reaching our desk has it that a Ghanaian movie director Toks Duttie William Kemeh has contacted Patricia about using the book to get script for a Ghanaian movie. Patricia confirmed to us that she was contacted after Toks Duttie bought the hot selling book from the Amazon.

Ghanaian actor Toks Duttie

Ghanaian actor Toks Duttie wants to use A Piece of Cake

“They want to develop a script Out of the book and do ‘Eki Na Ghana’ film. The one who contacted me is a director in Ghana film industry.  You know I paid one of there bloggers to do an advert about my book On the Ghana page so that guy picked interest in the book. He started following me and said he wants to develop a script from the book into a Ghanaian movie. And he said good stars could be in it because the story line is super. He bought the book on Amazon but because I paid for copy right they couldn’t do the film without my consent so he contacted me first on Facebook then we exchanged numbers. It’s still early days because a script has to be developed but they are serious. I am keeping fingers crossed,” Patricia said.

Patricia Ssewungu's book is selling like a hot cake

Patricia Ssewungu’s book is selling like a hot cake

A Piece of Cake book is selling like a hot cake and it’s already a turning point in Patricia’s life who is also set to author a Magazine about parenting.

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