Get inspired and Never Give Up: My life’s journey has been riddled with humps and valleys – Olivia Kentie

Get inspired and Never Give Up: My life’s journey has been riddled with humps and valleys – Olivia Kentie

Olivia Kentie is a fashionista and brand strategist in Kampala and Entebbe. At a young age, she has achieved quite a lot, happy about so many things.

Fashionista: Olivia Kentie

But most importantly she is glad for the gift of Life, Love and Family. “There’s just a lot I’m thankful to God for,” she said. Below is her story;
My life’s journey has been riddled with humps and valleys. If I had power to turn back the hands of time I would revert to my childhood days, quite impossible hahaha ….
First I thank my parents especially my mom that stood for me and by me, then up to now.

Life as a young youth was challenging, school was tight too, but we always found our ways out of it successfully. My father wanted me to become a Lawyer and my mom wanted me to become a Doctor, it’s sad non of these came to reality due to constraints of life.
However,  I am glad I went through it all and everything changed when I graduated with my first Degree, one month later I landed on my first official Job, that changed everything.

I started looking at life differently, balancing work and personal life became hard, at times I got lost on the way.
Someone joked recently and said they wanted me to be in parliament discussing National Budget and Creating Covid-19 awareness but Instead I’m into Fashion….. Well I’m here, I’m all here and still thankful.
My Message to the Public is;
Having a Vision is Essential to health and happiness. If you don’t have a clear Vision of what you want to accomplish in life, you will end up spending years going around in circles, committing to things that you don’t care about and frustrated with the world in general.

People who are not actively working towards a goal or a vision in life will often experience life as being meaningless.

To ladies….
My other message especially to girls and Women is to never give up on our dreams, keep the ambitions higher and maintain self respect and confidence.
There’s a lot of unprofessionalism in the world of work and in the media but keep your standards higher.

Love your bodies and skin,
Keep prayerful, work hard and secure the bag, financial freedom is important.
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