General Defao to perform in Kampala

General Defao to perform in Kampala

Congolese veteran singer General Defao is set to perform in Kampala next month. The Lingala dance maestro is the guest performer at Lingala Night slated for 16th December 2016 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.


The best Lingala music, dance & fashion event to hit the city in decades will be a night to remember and will also feature DJ Yannick & DJ Rodriguez from Congo, Les Sapuers Congo Fashion, Queen Dancers, Guitarman Charmant Mushaga & Friends Live Band.

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This event is in support of New Beginnings Foundation Uganda.

Who is General Defao?

Defao Matumona, known as Le Général DEFAO is increasingly popular as a singer, dancer and band leader. He started singing in local bands in Kinshasa as early as 1976, for instance on Orchestre Suka Movema, Forgo Stars, Korotoro and Somo West. Defao was influenced by Zaiko Langa Langa singers of early years Papa Wemba, Nyoka Longo, Gina Efonge and Evoloko, but Tabu Ley Rochereau was and still his main inspiration. In 1981, Defao enters Grand Zaiko Wa Wa, the band of guitar wizzard Felix Manuaku.


Between 1983 and 1981, he is part of Choc Stars led by Ben Nyamabo. In 1991, he created his own band, LES BIG STARS and recorded a numbers of albums since. A gifted singer and dancer, Defao has become quite famous in Africa. He was one of the Congolese musicians who valued the importance of TV appearance and video clips as a means to gain success.

Defao is always well dressed and in search of representative look that creates his particular impression.

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