Gabiro Mtu Necessary taps Asen B for new album ‘Mpito EP’

Gabiro Mtu Necessary taps Asen B for new album ‘Mpito EP’

Coming from the Swahili word meaning ‘Transition’ sees both artists join forces to collaborate on this infectious summer EP.

The six-track Dancehall release contains every element to get the listeners reminiscing, singing, and replaying it 24/7.

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“Mpito” takes the listener on a musical journey with african flavored beats, drifty uplifting rhythms, and infectious energy. The vocals and instrumentation work seamlessly together in every track for a must-listen record.

The story-telling lyricism paired with the feel-good vocals will have listeners relating to certain situations in their lives. The engaging melody and beats with each track give the vocal an intimate, and euphoric feeling. Spreading good vibes automatically.

Songs like “Kesho” and “Anakuona” will have listeners wanting more. Undoubtedly, the EP merges the innate talent of both Gabiro & Asen B. These talented artists maintain a fully charged arsenal of quality music that supports the fact that they are set to take over the music industry.

Their unparalleled style and sound are profoundly manifested with “Mpito.” Make sure to add this release to your summer playlist of bangers as it will serve as your soundtrack!
The Covid-19 pandemic is a difficult and stressful topic, but both artists manage to concentrate on the positive things and are looking ahead. Dropping the EP at the perfect time.

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