Fyonna Shows Off Hot Boobs In New Video

Sexy Fyonna Nsubuga’s new video ‘Mpaka Mwisho’ has taken Kampala by storm and the singer has come out to pride her self that “my boobs say it all in the video.Fyonna NsubugaI was in the mood with a come and get me behavior since it was party time”. This sort of action will attract a lot of attention from male fans who have started in boxing her about love affairs.

“I am receiving a lot of sexy messages mostly male fans commenting on my new look and encouraging me to be even more sexy.” Mpaka mwisho is Fyonna Nsubuga’s latest release that currently ranks highly and has been embraced by everyone on Kampala streets.

Both song and video are getting massive power play on both radio and television channels and by most prominent music distributor.

Fyonna Nsubuga’s manager who flew into Uganda to join her ground team with a sole purpose of shaking up things and preparation of her return to Uganda said “the music industry where Fyonna lives is a joke that people within it are far from reality and don’t have the full scope whereas when you associate with the local scene like she has done, things are very different to the extent that the whole public has made her an A lister and a major player.

This is just the beginning of her long protracted music career that will continue to make you shake, scream and at times scared. Fyonna is a class above in the whole music industry”

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