Fyona Kirabo cleans Banda market

Fyona Kirabo cleans Banda market

Makeup and television personality Fyona Kirabo spared sometime over her tight schedule to make some community work and charity. Together with her team, they cleaned up Banda Market over the weekend.


“There are so many things I’ve always wanted to do for my country and charity plus community work have always been some of them. So yesterday we finally did this #TeamFyonaKirabo #Fyonation was with me in this achievement.

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We cleaned up the Banda market and all the vendors were extremely happy. Special Thanks to my family/team/bests #TeamFyonaKirabo. I love you too much for always loving and supporting me unconditionally. Thank you Banda market vendors for hosting us. May God bless you all,” Fyona posted.


Fyona Kirabo cleaning Banda market

Fyona Kirabo cleaning Banda market

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