Funny man Okon joins Black Wall Street to fight Economic War

Ime Bishop popularly known as Okon Lagos or Udo Yes, superstar Nigerian actor and comedian has become the latest top personality to join The Black Wall Street Economic War, we can confirm. 
Charles N. Lambert, the economic activist spearheading the war said Black Wall Street and Redirectmall are pleased to welcome a new Ambassador for the Economic War, the very funny and highly influential comedian Okon.

Okon is a recognizable face to millions of Africans. Okon is funny, bold, intelligent and very likable.
“I have assigned him a role to help enlighten Africans about slave mentality which is a very important aspect of influencing consumer buying decision and eradicating the deficit from capital flight,” Lambert said.
On the Economic War, Okon posted this through a video sent to us in the control room.
“Black Lives matter but how well the black lives are doing is just as important. It starts by supporting made in African products. I support this completely and will give it my very best”
“Welcome Okon, through your God given abilities, we will shock the invaders as we take critical market segments from them,” Lambert added.

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