FROM TV TO POLITICS: Lubega Akram Darvesh Joins the Fray, Inspired by President Museveni’s Legacy

FROM TV TO POLITICS: Lubega Akram Darvesh Joins the Fray, Inspired by President Museveni’s Legacy

In a move that is set to shake up the political landscape, former TV bigwig Lubega Akram Darvesh has announced his entry into politics.

The renowned TV producer, who has worked with top media outlets including NBS TV as a Producer, Salaam TV as Head of Programming and Production, and Top TV as Chief of Operations, has drawn inspiration from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s leadership and legacy. He is now seeking to represent Njeru Municipality in 2026.

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With a passion for service and a desire to emulate President Museveni’s commitment to the people, Lubega has been making a positive impact in Njeru through his foundation, Byaddala. By empowering the disadvantaged communities, Lubega has demonstrated his dedication to the community. Now, he is taking his vision to the political arena, driven by the President’s enduring legacy.

“Tujajatuja Byaddala!” Meaning yes we are coming, this is real,” Lubega announced on his Facebook page, Hon.Lubega Akram 2026 – Njeru Municipality signaling his determination to make a difference in the political sphere.

On Friday, Lubega Akram Darvesh joined a sea of supporters at Kololo to celebrate President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s legacy. The event, organized by Hon. Rosemary Seninde and the NRM Secretariat, was a testament to the President’s enduring connection with the people. Despite the rain, Ugandans from all walks of life braved the elements to show their love and gratitude for the President’s tireless efforts.

Aspiring politician Lubega Akram Darvesh being interviewed by NBS journalist Ramson Mayanja

Lubega, a former TV producer at NBS, Salaam TV, and Top TV, and the founder of Byaddala NGO, was struck by President Museveni’s humility and willingness to connect with his supporters. He was inspired by the President’s commitment to his faith and his appreciation for the freedom of worship in Uganda.

The performances by artists like Jose Chameleon and the enthusiastic participation of the crowd were a testament to the power of unity and celebration.

As a young leader aspiring to represent Njeru Municipality in 2026, Lubega drew valuable lessons from the President’s leadership and humility. He is eager to emulate his example and work towards the betterment of his community, just as President Museveni has done for the country. Through his foundation Byaddala, Lubega has been empowering the disadvantaged at the grassroots.

He is now taking his passion for service to the political arena, inspired by President Museveni’s legacy.

Lubega calls on his fellow citizens in Njeru to continue the spirit of celebration and gratitude exhibited in Kololo.

Lubega Akram Darvesh as Chief of Operations at Top TV, presents an award to a deserving TV presenter, recognizing their hard work and dedication to excellence in broadcasting.

“Let us support each other and work together to flourish under President Museveni ‘s government. Tujatuja, Byaddala!”

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