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From a mortuary attendant to Kenya’s best Gengetone artist

Peter Mwangi (Miracle Baby) was born in Ndenderu Kiambu, Kenya. He attended the same school with Qoqos Juma his fellow group mate in Sailors.
He had done odd jobs like a mortuary attendant, worked at a butchery and also a house caretaker before his music career. He also did comedy at Comedy Central on Inooro Tv.
In 2017 together with Lexxy Yung and Qoqos Juma started “Trio Sailors” which later changed to “Sailors” after Shalkido and Masilver joined them later. He did his first song dubbed ‘gal gal’ with Qoqos Juma and Lexxy Yung in 2017 as trio Sailors. He came up with the hook ‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ after two of his friends used the words as a form of greeting while at one of the restaurants in Nairobi thus their hit ‘Wamlambez.’
He currently works as a Tv host for a reggae music show at Inooro Tv and he is one of the greatest artists Kenya has produced.

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