Frank Tumwebaze warns of conman using his name

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has warned the general public of a conman using his name to steal people of their money. An unidentified conman created a mail in the Minister’s name and is using it to request for money from different people across the globe claiming that he is Frank Tumwebaze and stranded in Turkey and wants a loan of $2500.

Frank Tumwebaze has warned of a conman using his name to con people of their money
Frank Tumwebaze has warned of a conman using his name to con people of their money

“Comrades someone has created a fake email address and is using it to try and con people claiming i am stranded in Turkey and i need transport assistance. This is not true. I am actually within the country executing my duties. Kindly disregard any unknown emails from an account similar to mine and treat it with the contempt it deserves,” Frank K Tumwebaze posted.

Below is the fake mail that the said person is sending to different people;

Glad you replied back my mail soon. I’ve been having network issues with my phone because am presently in Turkey and using an hospital computer to write you. Last week i received an emergency call from the Memorial Hizmet Hospital, Istanbul that my cousin and his family had a terrible accident in Kucukce area. Unfortunately his wife who was driving at the time died instantly. I rushed down here to help him and his family but sadly, i don’t have direct access to make transactions on my Bank Account from here and needs to settle hospital bills of he’s and his three-year old son whose leg got broken fast.

 I have been advised that the only way his son with the broken-leg can survive is by undergoing a quick Meniscus Transplant. The estimate for the knee surgery is $7,500 but already spent approx. $4,000 cash towards their treatment. I was wondering if you could urgently loan me about $2,500 to make the necessary arrangement for the surgery to be carried out soon. Your help and support will give him a chance to live a normal life once again. I will surely pay you back as soon as I return. Let me know if you can be of any help soon!

Best regards

Frank Tumwebaze, MP

Chairman, committee on finance, planning and Economic development, of Parliament of Uganda.

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