Frank Tumwebaze criticises leaders who edit everything of theirs

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze has described leaders who try to edit their speeches, decisions and policies as cheap and they are scheming only for their political life span. He criticised them for not being honest and trustworthy. The minister expressed his views on his social media page and this what he wrote;

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze

Leaders that try to edit everything of theirs; Speech, decisions, policies etc to suit what is deemed “popular” serve no value. They are cheap populists scheming only for their political life span. Critics and adherents will always be there but that should never influence a leader’s position. Leadership Is about standing firm with your beliefs no matter what your critics say. Your adherents too will always be there. Even if you are to change your opinions or beliefs; do so on account of new evidence/data that convinces you to the contrary.

Never change your opinion or position that you firmly believe in, for fear of harsh criticism or being unpopular. History has recorded great works of great people that changed lives and times of their people and communities, yet they suffered so much unpopularity with their ideas. Leaders must guide those they lead even when they risk unpopular ratings. That is why I love POTUS HE Donald Trump for being himself and honest with his views. Cheap popularity fades but strong ideas eventually get appreciated no matter how long it takes and the rebuke the promoter endures,” Frank K Tumwebaze posted.

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