Frank Gashumba starts weekly TV show

Economic and civil rights activist who doubles as motivational speaker, Frank Gashumba has started a weekly television show dubbed ‘The Eagle (Bassajja Mivule)’. The weekly show will be aired on NBS Television every Sunday from 3:30pm. The Sisumuka Uganda boss told this website that the wait is over and that this is the time to make things happen. Below is his statement about the show;

“Teri Kulinda Kulala!
Today February 5, I will be on NBS TV with Basajja Mivule and it will be our maiden talk show that will be running every Sunday at 3.30pm.

Much of our talk show shall tackle critical areas geared at changing mindsets and creating self belief to ensure that we transform our lives & Commuties

What Africans urgently need is believing in themselves, no matter which sector you are in; you can make it in life. There is absolutely nothing impossible!
When i interact with people at a personal basis, there is a feeling that a big number of Ugandans have given up on their goals and the best way not to feel hopeless is to get up and do something! Don’t wait for another person to do it for you. The change you want in your life starts with you and you have whatever it takes to realize that change.
In our Sunday talk show, I will be asking you to believe in yourselves and taking an extra step in your life. The better life we want in our homes has to be us to change our homes and life style first. Change doesn’t Come from Politicians, Pastors or any other person but us ourselves!

We must not fear the future. We must create a better future for our children and our children’s children. We are capable of changing our lives as long as we believe in ourselves. I have seen many impossible things becoming possible over the years. I have seen many people from poor families becoming billionaires. Who thought a black man Nelson Mandela would spend 27 years in prison and become the first South African President?
How about our own Barack Obama with a funny name becoming the first black US President!! With all the hardships he went through that Donald Trump would become the US President!! Who thought a former Model, MelaniaTrump would become a US first lady!!

Frank Gashumba

It’s Possible!

Our maiden topic will be: WHO IS TO BLAME FOR TODAY’S Moral DECADENCE.
Is it we the Parents or simply today’s Generation???????

Share your thoughts and opinions.

Sisimuka Uganda Teri Kulinda.!
Changing Mindsets, Creating Self Belief, Transforming Lives & Communities
Thinking independently. Frank Gashumba

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