Frank Gashumba roars ‘I can’t pay to be on tv and radio’, they should instead pay me to appear there

Motor mouthed activist set to start own communication channel Inspirational speaker and Sisimuka Uganda (National Action For Awakening Uganda) activist, Frank Gashumba, has revealed why he no longer appears on televisions and radios.

The activist for good governance and a renowned NRM government critic has said he has been asked to pay to appear on air by most televisions and radio stations in Kampala.

I cant pay to be on TV or Radio, Frank Gashumba said

I cant pay to be on TV or Radio, Frank Gashumba said

“I can’t pay to appear there, they should instead pay to appear there because I have a large following and an inspirational speaker,” Gashumba said.

Posting on his Facebook wall, Gashumba said the print and electronic media rates dropping because of social media and online news websites. The activist who boasts of more than 70k followers on Facebook revealed of how he is setting up his own communication channel to reach out to Ugandans and change their lives. Below is what he posted;

Frank Gashumba; I will never kneel or beg for a TV show or a Radio talk show, i have been receiving countless phone calls, Sms and emails from Ugandans of different backgrounds asking me why i no longer have a weekly radio or TV show. I have kept this to myself for quite a long time but it’s important that i reveal this you. Many of these radio stations in Uganda can only host you when you pay them which i am not willing to do, actually it should be those radio stations to pay for my time on radio so please try to understand me.

How can you ask someone who has the biggest following on both radio, tv and social media where he is not advertising any products of his company to pay for a show and every time he is hosted on radio and TV it’s a must tune in, that’s why both electronic and print rating are dropping, by the way the Gospel of Jesus is known by the whole planet, which radio did he use? With our without them, change is coming. I know all these media houses were bought by this regime lucky enough they can’t buy off Google or Mark Zuckerberg to block my social media accounts.

Frank Gashumba seen here in his office said he is setting up his media channel

Frank Gashumba seen here in his office said he is setting up his media channel other than social media

Radio stations mainly in Buganda are comfortable and happy hosting politicians everyday than hosting an entrepreneur or a social activist but we are going to use all avenues available to us including the social media to change the lives of Ugandans, by the way there is something we are working on any time from today, it will change the face of tv and radio. Search for SISIMUKA UGANDA on Youtube and subscribe to it Yesterday while responding to the Paris Attacks, President Barack Obama stated it that the social media today and tomorrow will influence the mindsets of the youth. Share with me the topics you would love us to start with,”.

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