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Former NTV producer Walusimbi unmasked as a womanizer and a cheat

Ex NTV Uganda producer Raymond Walusimbi who has since relocated to the United States of America (USA) has been exposed as a womanizer and a cheat. This was after he ran away from her latest girlfriend Massy after she helped settle in the US. Sources say Massy paid every penny that Raymond needed to help him settle including housing him and helping him get a job but has since left describing her as someone you cant tolerate.

According to a post sent to us, it accuses Walusimbi of being a serial dater. Here is the post;

“There’s this guy Raymond Walusimbi former producer of NTV Uganda, he was formally married to Helena Walusimbi Nantale from the Kiwanuka family. Raymond had his young 2nd son with Helena plus his eldest daughter with some other lady, his daughter is 25yrs.

I know some people who know Raymond Walusimbi may not believe this but this guy is real shit and wastage of a sperm!

First of all he dates most of classy gals from Facebook and is a stalker for girls from rich families that’s why he married Helena though it wasn’t for live because Helena has attitude and dirty woman.

Raymond Walusimbi when you meet him and talk oh my God he’s the sweetest guy on this planet with a smart wire just like the Farouk Sempala,  boss Mutoto his work is to impregnant women and abandon them… he’s not focused at all, mukuuzi just..

Before he went to USA, he meet this gal Massy mukazi waatu natomera the guy was so sweet and it seemed really a nice couple this Massy woman is a mother and has with Raymond unfortunately Massy got to know that this guy was using her like other hundreds of gals he slept out with moreover from Facebook while they were dating and he lied to Massy that they had divorced with Helena which was not True!

When you talk to Raymond you might think he’s some cute guy who is smart up stairs only to know that the only thing he thinks about is pussy

For the time he worked for NTV, he doesn’t even own a mattress, Helena was the man in the house even the house they lived in was for Helen’s father plus all the cars he drove.

So when massy processed for him the visa things he went to USA and lived with her as he was on the search for other girls, Massy did everything for this guy medical,  car, house, cooking, plus all the wife duties so when she started realising that Raymond was a user they had endless fights and the day the guy got his papers he asked Massy that he can no longer stay with her because of the fights forgetting whatever caused them, but this is how Raymond Walusimbi’s life has been way back with all the different gals

He doesn’t know his the problem.

This guy has never been proud of any of the girls he has married or dated, he’s so mean, and a thief because when he comes to your house he leaves with something so when he left Massy’s house, he went to Chicago to another girl and started calling all people in Boston that Massy made his life hard so he decided to leave and the worst thing he did want to discuss about Massy amongst his friends only negative things

But some men out there please, if you have daughters put your daughters in that woman’s shoes would you be happy if you heard that your son in law was mistreating her?

Raymond Walusimbi

Massy changed this guy’s life from zero to a certain number

But some men like Raymond Walusimbi your so handsome and sweet talking but why don’t you focus at the age of 42, you don’t own even a bicycle really you need to grow and these bisilani of moving from one woman to the other bikugobelera

The way that gal helped you get papers, you went to USA you found a ready house to live in, a full time job to do, a car then the papers really Raymond Walusimbi you are such an evil man and this will hit you back!!

Raymond Walusimbi if you think those papers are something You might wake up to the next morning in Uganda, don’t over talk..

What of a man okunoba you get to the neighbour’s clutch because she caught you cheating so u turned your guilt to hurt her more instead really? Massy paid her rent , never asked you for anything all the money you spent it in hotels sleeping with other woman so telling you her feelings you started mbu omukazi ayomba nyo,  it’s like prison , why did you wait till when you got the papers?

Raymond Walusimbi you are such a devil, when someone looks at you u seem a smart guy yet actually you have porridge in your brain.

Massy my friend i know it hurts but please don’t accept that fool piece of … back in your life

He is going to use you and hurt you more. Take hurt you will find someone who treasures you like a woman not him he has no balls”

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