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Former BBA Star Ellah Shows Off Hot Body

If the question is, how can woman’s stretch pants get any hotter? I think the ridiculously hot and body blessed Ellah just gave the jeopardy answer of, take a long good look.EllahEllah isn’t just a lovely Ugandan bird, she’s a fantastic force of alluring nature. When she gets to stripping out of her top and into just her bikini, well, the universal clock might as well stop ticking because all time for me has become irrelevant.

Perhaps shocked back into reality by the sight of her bare cheeky bottom making a flash visit. My, oh, my, how one young woman can captivate millions of men with the simplest of surroundings. Ellah, you are one bodacious bit of awesome. Please inform magazines to stop ruining visuals with oodles of props and sets and makeup and wardrobe. This is perfect. Enjoy.


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