Foods of Kenya TV show back for a fifth season

Foods of Kenya TV show back for a fifth season

Nairobi, Kenya: Young Rich TV show, Foods of Kenya returns to the screens bigger and better  for the fifth from 6pm this Saturday 6th February 2021 on KTN. 

The weekly show that explores the traditional culinary history and cooking methods of the different Kenyan communities since time immemorial.

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The show delves into the details of where and how the meals are prepared, their cultural significance as well as how these methods have evolved over the years, incorporating dance, culture, clothing and interesting tradions. 

Speaking about the show, Eugene says,  ” We are excited to document healthy foods and recipes from way back and at the same time enjoy our rich culture as it evolves in this modern-day, while holding on to some other things that our forefathers taught us.

Following a one year break, the new season returns with fresh content and promises its viewers great insights from the shores of  Muhuru Bay to Kalokol, Lake Jipe to Mount Sagallia and Rumuruti to Busia.

Viewers will get to experience various dishes from  Akop of the  Dinka community, Curu Wa Mukiyo of the Kikuyu Community, Suqaar from the Somali Community, and the delectable  Sambar from the Indian Community among others. 

The show that  premiered in March 2019 has been created by Eugene Mbugua of Documentary and Reality television limited and is hosted by the charismatic renowned Kenyan ptoducer, Mwaniki Mageria. 

The show is aimed at appreciating Kenya’s unique delicacies  and equipping the audience with the knowledge of it’s rich and exciting  local foods, and traditions. 

The new season has been  directed by David Mutuku and  Caroline Ngunjiri and Debrah Metto as production managers. 

It’s so exciting to be a part of this because we have new people to meet, new communities and even going back to the old ones but having new and fresh experiences from them” says Mwaniki Mageria. 

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