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Fletna Kenya welcomes Priyan Solanki as its local Brand Ambassador for the Fletna Men Campaign

Nairobi, Kenya; Fletna Kenya has today announced Priyan Solanki as one of its new local Brand Ambassador, and the embodiment of what it means to Live Boldly, Feltna’s new campaign designed to inspire men to express themselves with passion, optimism, strength and style as they take care care of their grooming using Fletna products.

Fletna’s new Fletna Men campaign was launched last month with the unveiling of actor and model Khula Budi . The new multi-media campaign will be brought to life through a series of experiential activations and cultural immersions designed to bring men and the young boys together around powerful conversations, shared experiences and a celebration of diverse beauty of male grooming.

“Fletna is such an iconic and groundbreaking lifestyle brand, a champion of both men and women, and I am so happy to be part of this family now,” says Priyan. “There’s a cultural shift happening, which Fletna celebrates, where both feminine and masculine powers are recognized, and I’m so proud that I get to witness and live this amazing change.”
“Fletna has always celebrated and championed strong, independent women and men in its iconic campaigns and in its philanthropic initiatives. Priyan captures the values, strength, modernity and boldness that Fletna represents,” said Carolynn,CEO of Fletna. “Priyan , and all the new Fletna Men brand ambassadors are emblematic of the values, beauty, determination and attitude that reflect what it is for men and women to live boldly in today’s world,” said Carolynn.
Priyan – actor, model, artiste and Mr. Supranatural 2019 was featured in Nadia Mukami’s Nipe Yote video available on YouTube– he will be joined by two additional brand Ambassadors, Khula Budi and one more to be announced later in the month. The three powerfully represent the ethos of living boldly and male grooming and will be featured as part of the Feltna’s #FletnaMen campaign.

Priyan has started appearing on behalf of Fletna Men Campaign across all media platforms.
For additional information on Fletna and to view behind-the-scenes content and additional announcements surrounding the Fletna Men campaign, visit www.fletna.ke , #FletnaMen and follow @fletnaafrica on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
About Fletna

Fletna Kenya is an e-commerce website that sells Nature-rich products. From the infamous Korean 10-step skin care routine to some of the world’s finest moisturizers and masks. We believe in the diverse beauty of individuals all around the world, and we help our customers leverage learning so that intelligence is at the foundation of their natural — and equally expressive — skin care journey. We’re out to creatively disrupt skin care. For your skin’s sake.

Our mission is simple: help one million individuals to make nature-centered skin care decisions that are best for who they are, where they are and what they dream of becoming.
We believe that skin care is not just a matter of choosing the right face mask or serum, but a journey that can be as stressful or enjoyable as a day job.

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